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In Audela Quotes

Ana's Traina's IN AUDELA hurts like only the past can. It about
love--having it, losing it, rejecting it, and ultimately being healed by
it.  - Philip Seymour Hoffman -- Actor


Ana Traina's play IN AUDELA is like all good theatre, it is very much in the lifeblood of what matters -- namely -- it takes a scalpel to the human experience in the lives of the characters in the hope that the scars will eventually heal though their enlightenment and understanding.  - Fred Berner -- Producer


I thought the play was lovely with original dialogue and well placed
silences that were as eloquent as the play itself. The actors were all
extraordinary and had a wonderful chemistry together.  - Rupert Graves -- Actor


In a concentrated time span of one New Year's Eve we find an artist too
sensitive to live with his wife. A wife who's hold on reality shifts every
time someone walks in the door. A sister who gives truth to the adage that in
families "the crazy one rules." I found it fascinating.  - Jules Pfeiffer -- Humorist


Great dialogue. Involving story.  - Warren Zevon -- Musician/Performer


Ana Traina is the modern Chekov. IN AUDELA affected me more than most of
the fully realized productions I've seen this season.  - Micheal Wolff - Musician



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