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The Dustman - Autumn 2013


The Dustman' is an adaptation of a wonderful, award-winning (Honorable Mention at 72nd Writer's Digest Competition) script created by New York writer Anastasia Traina.


The Polish version was translated and put to music. It was directed by Klaudyna Góralska, in cooperation with composer Krzysztof Buratyński.


The touching story of a seven-year-old orphan, Will, leads us through his dreams and nightmares, questioning the meaning of life, love, loss and death.  Like Virgil, Will's guide - Dustman- leads him through the inevitable stages of life - love, bitterness, happiness and pain, in the end encouraging him to fulfill his biggest wishes and hopes. As in Tim Burton's or Grimm Brothers' stories, in this tale everyone - from child to adult - can find their own story, feelings and dreams.


libretto: Klaudyna Góralska

translating: Klaudyna Góralska/Krzysztof Buratyński

music: Krzysztof Buratyński

performance: Grupa Musicalowa Mandragora

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